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David Moore

Do What You Love

Hi, I’m David!  I started The New Rich community to help you to escape the 9 – 5 rat race and live life on your own terms.

If you have ever felt a burning emptiness with respect to your career then you are in the right place.  I’m here to help you on your entrepreneurial journey by sharing the experiences of people who have already been there and done it.

What Is The New Rich?


The New Rich is a community that exists to help it’s members turn their passions, strengths and unique talents into business reality.  It teaches you how to avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes new entrepreneurs tend to make by sharing the experiences of it’s members and other successful people who have already built online businesses.


Why I do what I do


I had a powerful need to help and connect with people that felt trapped in jobs that didn’t fulfil them in a meaningful way. People who want to have an impact and leave their mark on the world we so briefly inhabit.

I know first hand how it feels to be trapped in a job that doesn’t fulfil you.  In the past I’ve worked as a sales manager for some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the world.  Whilst the money was good the demands of these corporate sales jobs (long hours, crushing workloads, relentless stress)  started affecting my work life balance and overall happiness. Having experienced being self-employed for 5 years after running a business I started from scratch I’ve realised that I’m far happier when I’m working for myself than when working as a paid employee.


My vision for what I hope to achieve


People all around the world are creating successful businesses based around their individual passions.  It’s my hope that by sharing the life stories of entrepreneurs who have already escaped their jobs and are living life on their own terms you will find the inspiration and practical advice to do the same.

I get up in the morning to inspire people trapped in jobs they hate to build businesses around their unique passions and abilities so that they too can experience freedom, happiness and fulfilment.

Your mind-set plays an important role with regards to achieving your goals so I aim to ensure that this site contains both the inspiration and practical advice you need to get shit done.

The New Rich is my way of inspiring and supporting people just like you to find happiness by doing what you love. Join our community (it’s free) and let us help you to begin your own journey today:


David Moore

Click here to listen to Money For Lunch host Bert Martinez interview David about The New Rich book.

35 Facts About David


  1. I LOVE beer pong. Penny’s ex-boyfriend in The Big Bang Theory was right in thinking that it should be an Olympic sport.
  2. I’m married to a wonderful woman called Liz. She’s a super smart engineer who builds jet engines at Rolls Royce in Derby. Liz used to be a bit of a rowing legend and captained the Oxford University women’s team during their most successful year. Plus she’s beautiful, funny and rocks my world.
  3. I’m the author of The New Rich which helps frustrated employees who want to go it alone to start their first online business.
  4. I’m one of the co-founders of Guards Against Insanity.
  5. I can clap one-handed. I’m not sure why I was given this gift, but it seems to stop babies from crying.
  6. I’m fascinated by what makes people happy. It’s something I read a lot of books about and is how I measure the success of my life. It’s all too possible to be rich and miserable or poor and happy and I would choose to be the latter every time.
  7. My favourite book is The Magus
  8. I used to sell drugs for a living. This isn’t as shady as it perhaps sounds. I worked as a sales manager for a pharmaceutical company called Schering-Plough before it got bought by MSD. I enjoyed sales and won the President’s Award for having sales in the top 5% of the company for 2005 & 2006 and won trips to Seville and Venice as a reward.
  9. I eat quickly. The speed is directly proportional to how drunk I am i.e. a chicken tikka kebab at the end of a boozy night out in town is likely to get inhaled.
  10. I like to have a drink. My dad doesn’t drink, so I must take after my mum who loved a glass of wine or three. My favourite cocktail is a Mojito although Mai Tai’s come a close second.
  11. I like playing poker. I’ve still not mastered the art of reading people and tend to go all in more than I should, but there’s nothing better than having some friends over for a game of no limit texas hold’em.
  12. I live in Nottingham which is famous for Robin Hood, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem and Paul Smith.
  13. My favourite film is Anchorman and I absolutely love Family Guy.
  14. I like helping people. Whether it’s in their relationships or in business, I get a huge amount of satisfaction from the thought that I’ve helped people to improve their lives. And not just their lives, but the ripple effect that comes from people being happy.
  15. I love our wood burning stove. I hate being cold, but will sometimes endure it as it feels pointless to heat an entire house when I’m only in the living room. Having a real log fire means that I now look forward to the cold nights of winter.
  16. My friends at Uni used to call me ‘Competitive Dave’ as I hated losing. I still hate losing especially at Pictionary where I appear to have a knack of offending my future sister in law’s drawing abilities.
  17. I love tennis and bumped into my old tennis coach from when I was 10 last week when I took my racquet in to get restrung. It saddens me that I was probably better at tennis at that age then I am now, but I console myself in the knowledge that I’m probably better at sex.
  18. We have a black Labrador called Poppy. I took her to puppy classes when I first got her, but neglected to keep the training up and as a result she has her own personality (or what my friends call unpredictable).  Here’s a video of her being abused by Frankie our cat the morning after Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.
  19. The favourite place I’ve visited is Vang Vieng in Laos. I was travelling with some exceptional people at the time and the scenery whilst tubing down the river was simply stunning.
  20. I’m an atheist. I respect people’s choice to believe in what they want, but struggle to be polite if someone tries to shove their religious beliefs down my throat.
  21. I have a brother called Richard who lives up in the north east. He’s two years older and loves mountain biking down steep wooded forest mountains. A few weeks he was air lifted by helicopter after a bad fall which left him with a broken collar bone, several cracked ribs and bleeding into his chest cavity. Not one to be deterred he was soon back on his bike. And off it again re-fracturing his ribs.
  22. I love to travel and when I was 22 I flew to Bangkok with my best friend Ben and spent 3 months seeing Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia together. After spending New Years Eve on Kho Phi Phi island, I wanted to learn to dive and headed to Koh Tao whilst Ben headed north to Chang Mai. Ben ended up meeting an American girl on a bus in Northern Thailand and to cut a long story short, he married her and now lives in Virginia. I’d heard amazing things about Nepal so took a flight to Katmandu and spent 3 weeks trekking before heading to Australia via India. I spent a total of 18 months traveling which was a life changing experience and I consider several people I met along the way as some of my closest friends.
  23. After a beach party in Bali and full of merriment and alcohol I decided to go for a swim in the ocean. Unfortunately I forgot I was wearing a money belt which had my passport inside and the pale green Indonesian visa stamp disappeared. The guy at the British Consulate suggested having some US dollars as it may be necessary to bribe the customs officials which indeed was the case ($20 to be precise).
  24. I left a well paid job in pharmaceuticals to start an office massage company called 5 Minute Angels. I sold this business in 2013 as it wasn’t something I could remain passionate about and it would require relocating to London to take to the next level.
  25. I have a phobia of fancy dress. When I was 13 I turned up to a Halloween party at school dressed as a devil. I’d seen the poster and told my mum who was keen to help me out with a costume. When I got home from school my mum revealed what she had been busy making that day. There was a cape, a tail attached to some black tracksuit bottoms and a hood. She’s even made two paper mache horns which just needed super gluing to the hood. As I sat there wearing the thin nylon hood waiting for the glue to dry I had no idea that the glue was seeping through and adhering itself to my hair. The only way to remove the hood was to cut the hair free. Little did I know that it would be all down hill from here as apparently the fancy dress part was optional and there were just 4 of us that had partaken. Prizes were given to the 3 best fancy dress costumes in which I came 4th place. never again.
  26. I co-founded a customer reviews and feedback SaaS company in 2011.
  27. I worked in Sydney for 6 months and lived in Darling Harbour.
  28. Last summer Liz and I did a road trip through France where we camped with Poppy. It was epic and we came back with a car full of wine.
  29. In 2002 I lost my mum to lung cancer. I miss her dearly.
  30. I studied Business at Leeds Metropolitan University and worked in the property department for McDonald’s head office in London during my placement year. At the time McDonald’s mission was to have a restaurant within 1 mile of every person on the planet. Truly frightening.
  31. I love Derren Brown and after catching an aerobie was on stage with him for the final part of the Enigma live show.
  32. I used to live with a South African girl in London whilst my friend Steve was dating her sister. We got invited to stay at their family home in Cape Town and jumped at the opportunity for some winter sun. Two bad things happened that holiday. The first is that after taking the cable car up to the summit, Yolanda told us that you could walk down Table Mountain in about an hour. She didn’t want to do it again but agreed to meet us at the bottom. Taking this to be true, Steve and I set off around midday woefully ill prepared. No hat, no sun cream, no water (although we did have a half drunk can of beer between us) and wearing flip flops we started our descent. Seeing people coming the other way in walking boots, walking polls and looking exhausted should have given us a clue as to what we had let ourselves in for. It was around 40 degrees Celsius that day and we were so dehydrated that we stopped sweating. Three and a half hours after setting off and red with sun burn and possible sun stroke we arrived at the bottom to be greeted with “What took you guys so long?” The second bad thing that happened was a tandem bungy jump from a bridge with Steve.  The words “Well, it is an extreme sport” didn’t make us feel much better.
  33. I suck at golf. I have had a hole in one before, but as I rarely even hit the green it’s highly unlikely to ever happen again.
  34. I write my goals down. It’s almost spooky how when you write down what you want it opportunities seem to arise that help you achieve them. It’s awesome.  I still need to add ‘Don’t suck at golf’ to my goals list though.
  35. I enjoy the occasional adrenaline high.  Without doubt the best experience was a 13,000ft tandem skydive over Australia’s Mission Beach with a bungee jump from the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa coming a close second.  Unfortunately a couple of days after Bloukrans myself and a good friend of mine called Steve decided to do a tandem bungee bridge swing which all went horribly wrong.  The words “Well, it is an extreme sport” were of little consolation.

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